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Utopia and the Home without marriage and Family





   Utopia and the Home without marriage and Family








   Xue Feng





   It is human being's general attribute to pursue an ideal realm, society, human life and living; which is also the everlasting resources of spiritual driving force. The sages in history whose common wish is to lead human beings into an ideal society; no matter Plato's Republic, Thomas More's Utopia, Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, Confucius' Great Harmony, and Marxist- Leninist theory about communism, they all want to lead human beings in to an ideal society,




   In fact, when we study LaoTzu, Sakyamuni, Jesus and Mohammed's aspiration, it is easy to find that they also want to bring human beings into an ideal society.




   Human beings not only study ideal society in theory but also explore it in reality. From the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Brook Farm in America, Fruitlands, Shakers, Pullman's capitalism utopia to collective farm in Soviet, people's commune in China, Osho's community, and kinds of Utopia in Japan, America and Canada, they all try to explore an ideal approach for human beings.




   Unfortunately, the explorations above finally come to nothing in the sense of the practice. Yet it left us huge spiritual wealth though none of them worked it out. Maybe we cannot say they were because they helped us to move to a higher level from the beginning stage. Moreover, it is these explorations that made us able to get into the channel of Lifechanyuan and finally lay a foundation for human beings to get into Lifechanyuan.




   A theory, doctrine or a creed won't work in practice if it is not perfect and also can't lead human beings into an ideal society. If you conduct the practice with imperfect theory, doctrine or creed, the result is that everything is lost. We will find out the defectiveness when we study the theory, doctrine and creed in history; however we shouldn't totally repudiate them for their defectiveness but "discard the dregs and select the essence", inherit the essence of predecessors' thought, develop and bring forth new idea and finally lead human beings into an ideal realm.




   No matter what theory it is, it will be useless if you can't put it into practice; and no matter what practice it is, it will be walking in the darkness without the guidance of the theory.




   So far as human beings' attitudes toward ideal society, Lifechanyuan value is a relative perfect system, that is not the brag and boast but a reality. Anyone who disagrees with this idea can compare your own theory, doctrine and creed to the values of Lifechanyuan; as long as you compare them comprehensively, you have to acknowledge the values of Lifechanyuan.




   If we make a summary of the theory, doctrine, creed and practice of Utopia society in history, we can find there are eight major limitations:


   一、 没有正确的宇宙观,没有对上帝正确的认识,对时间和空间的认识模糊,没有一个可信的信仰体系。


   1. There isn't a right concept of universe and right recognition of the Greatest Creator, time and space; and there isn't a reliable belief system.


   二、 没有正确的生命观,对生命的来源、发展、去向没有全面的认识。


   2. There isn't a right concept of life and a full-scale understanding about the origin, development and destination of life.


   三、 没有正确的人生观,对人生的价值和意义没有明确的认识和定义。


   3. There isn't a right concept of human life and a specific realization and definition to the values and significances of human life.


   四、 没有逃脱国家、家庭的思维约束,依然在国家、家庭的范围内穷折腾。


   4. Can't escape the restraints from the thinking of country and traditional family; and still turn over in the field of the country and the traditional family.


   五、 忽视了人性中容易懒惰、腐化、专制的本性。


   5. Overlook the indolence, decay and autocracy in human nature


   六、 缺乏系统明确的理论阐释,更多地使用了恐吓和威胁的口气,比如说"下地狱"。


   6. Short of systemic and explicit theory interpretation; use much more threatening and frightening tone, such as "Go to hell."


   七、 要么压抑了情爱和性,要么放纵了情爱和性,缺乏精神和心灵的指导。


   7. Short of the guidance of spirit and heart; either depress the love and sex or indulge the love and sex.


   八、 生活太单调,纪律太严明,没有让人随性而动,缺乏自由度。


   8. Short of freedom; life is too dull; disciplines are too strict and impartial; human nature is suppressed.




   The Home without marriage and Family is the "continuation" of Utopia and communism practice in history; it not only preserves the essence of the human intelligence but also develops a new visual field; not only avoids its defectiveness but also improves its theory and practice. Although many problems will occur in the process of concrete practice, we believe that The Home without marriage and Family can act the leading role in the process of getting into Lifechanyuan era; as long as we think actively, act practically and realistically, improve continuously and hold steady of Lifechanyuan values.




   There will be eight main features in the Home without marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan:


   一、 以生命禅院理念为生活准则。


   1. Regard Lifechanyuan values as standard of living.


   二、 各尽所能,按需分配。


   2. Work according to one's ability; distribution according to one's need.


   三、 没有家庭、宗教、政党、国家意识。没有法律法规戒律戒条。


   3. Rid of the consciousness of family, religion, political party and country; no law and regulation, commandment and dharma.


   四、 全靠心灵的力量,随性而动。


   4. Everything depends on the power of soul; act with one's nature.


   五、 性爱自由,按照千年界仙人的生活方式生活。


   5. Freedom of love and sex; follow the life-style of celestial beings in the Thousand-year World.


   六、 集体活动、集体食堂。


   6. Collective activity and collective canteen.


   七、 分工不靠指定,而是靠每个人自己性格选择。


   7. No assignment, work as one's own choice.


   八、 有层出不穷的娱乐活动,且物质上富裕。


   8. There are endless recreational activities and well-off in material.




   What kind of people can get into Home without marriage and Family?

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