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No Oppressing and Exploitation in Heaven





   No Oppressing and Exploitation in Heaven








   Xue Feng





   I had kept three dogs before, two German shepherd and an ordinary puppy. Everyday they have plenty of food, also there are spacious places in the front and back yards for their running and playing. I thought the three dogs should love each other and get along with each other harmoniously. But this is not the case. They often fight for food or for favors. I was very angry at this and said: "you deserve being dogs by birth; you can never become human beings."




   From the perspective of the thousand-year world of Heaven, I could see no reason for people's struggling, fighting, and competing, no reason for oppression or exploitation because the natural resources is abundant enough for supporting all human beings on earth. How the Greatest Creator wish people could love each other and live in harmony all the time! But it is only an ideal. They have kept in competing and struggling for better life, intriguing or cheating for a little bit of natural resources; they have been creating hurts and hatred for empty reputation and social status. I'm very angry at this and think that: "You deserve being human beings by birth, you can never be celestials."




   There is no oppression or exploitation in Heaven, no fight or competition. No unpleasant or unhappy events might occur among the celestials. They love each other, living a harmonious and happy life without limitation.




   If a dog wants to become a man, it must act according to the way of thinking of human beings; if a person wants to become a celestial, he/she must act according to the consciousness of a celestial. A dog will remain a dog and a person will remain a person forever if they don't changes the way of thinking.




   Anyone who wants to go to the Heaven through self-improvement or self-refinement must not compete, struggle, and exploit others. You should not make others feel unhappy in any excuse or any approach. You should not restrict the freedom of others in any name or impose your own ideas and opinions to others. You should not bring any spiritual, mindful or physical harm on others.




   Home without Marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan is set up based on the life style in the thousand-year world, so the celestials here should not hurt each other. We should not get on with other people in the way of thinking of human beings of the mortal world; we should not oppress or exploit mutually, instead, we should live the life in the thousand-year world and love with each other like the celestials there. Only in this way can is it possible for us to have the qualification for getting the thousand-year world.




   In Home without Marriage and Family, if a celestial hurt the other celestials and make them unhappy, I would tell you that you not only hurt the other celestials, but also hurt me, Xue Feng the guide, you hurt me heart and my feeling, you hurt Jesus the Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni, and you also hurt the favor of the Greatest Creator. You are only qualified to be a human being rather than being a celestial in Heaven.





   December 12, 2009

(2011/12/26 发表)

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