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·Lifechanyuan's View Point on Love and Sex
·An Introduction to the New Life of Human Beings-Home without Marriage
·Ideas on the Material Life Standards of the Second Home
·Viewing the human society mode of life in the future from the prospect
·Build a Spiritual and Physical Homeland
·Bring Joy and Happiness to Others and Society
·Laziness is a big enemy of Home without Marriage and Family
·Replication of the Ten-Thousand-Year Life
·Comprehensively absorb new era values
·No Oppressing and Exploitation in Heaven
·The No. 1 home in the world
·We are the globalists-to "Heartease (Xinpingqihe)"
·Utopia and the Home without marriage and Family
·How Should We Establish the Peaceful and Warm Homeland?
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·Home for soul and kingdom for freedom
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·The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current S
·A Century's Dreadful Earthquakes and Jesus' Revelation
·18 traditional values subverted by Lifechanyuan
·The Eighteen Bottom-Lines to Be A Human
·The standards of a pure and beautiful soul
·Make the Best Use of Everything
·Rather die than swallow one's words
·No debts between Chanyuan-Celestial
·The Psychological Qualities to Be Chanyuan Celestial
·This is the life of Chanyuan Celestial
·8 attainments to be Chanyuan Celestial
·Pray for Chanyuan Celestials
·Chanyuan Celestial
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (1)
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (2)
·80 FAQs concerning the Home without marriage and Family (3)
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (4)
·Walk to the Lifechanyuan era
·Join your talent and wisdom into the creating of Lifechanyuan era
·40 Passes from Human to Chanyuan Celestial
·The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current S
·A Century's Dreadful Earthquakes and Jesus' Revelation
·The song of the universe ---on Lifechanyuan era (1)
·Countries will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era 2
·Religion will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (3)
·Political parties will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (4)
·Family will gradually disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (5)
·Hospitals and Doctors Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era
·Establish global government--- Lifechanyuan era (7)
Build a Spiritual and Physical Homeland





   Build a Spiritual and Physical Homeland








   Xue Feng







   Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in.


   Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green.


   Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new life begin.


   You will see endless good fortune in future world.




   Lifechanyuan is a mental and spiritual habitat, a spiritual homeland for people who are ordinary, kind-hearted, honest, hard-working and knowledgeable, a college to understand the meaning of life and the significance of human life, a transfer station leading to supreme life space. When you feel incompetent, exhausted and gaunt and confused, you should take time to Lifechanyuan to listen other people's understanding of human life, to experience the peaceful atmosphere, to see if there are unworldly higher beings.




   There are 36-Dimentional-Spaces in the universe; every space is a huge world which include supreme life space, low life space and middle-level life space. Lifechanyuan will present people the mysteries of every life space. Through explaining the universe, time and space, Lifechanyuan will escort people to set foot on the road of super space and run to another beautiful and attractive life world.




   Human life is full of misfortune, suffering, regret and helplessness; troubles and worries tangle us all the time; many puzzling mysteries of human life make us feel contradictory; unpredictable situations and unexpected good or bad fortune make us anxious; undesirable and troublesome things often make us sleepless; disease and hunger often threatens us; from time to time the complicated and changeable interpersonal relationships entrap us into the painful abyss, survival competition oppress us, make our tired body lost in a miserable swirl after another. Why is human life like this? Why can't we get out of the trouble? Why can't we control the track of our own life? 几千年来,智慧的人们在寻求答案,耶稣、释迦牟尼、穆罕默德、老子等一代又一代先圣为我们付出了他们的心血,马克思、列宁、毛泽东、托马斯.杰弗逊、林肯等为我们呕心沥血,试图创建一个人人平等、个个幸福的太平世界;摩西、圣保罗、玛哈维拉、琐罗亚斯德、摩尼、筏驮摩那、但丁、赛斯等先哲们为我们不辞艰辛、苦口婆心想把我们导入一个快乐幸福的家园,但真正的答案似乎离我们尚远,仍需要我们长途跋涉,一步步逼近那真理的彼岸。


   For thousands of years, intelligent people look for answers; Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu make painstaking effort for us; Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln exert their utmost efforts for us and try to build a peace world in where everyone is equal and happy; Moses, St Paul, Mahavira, Zoroaster , Manes, Fatuomonei, Dante, Saez and other Sages undergo hardships to lead us into a joyful and happy family; However, the true answer seems far away from us, it still needs to take a long way to get closer to the shore of the truth.


   科学的发展为我们提供了打开真理之门的钥匙,爱因斯坦、牛顿、伽利略、法拉第、斯蒂芬.霍金等等科学巨匠为我们铺了一层层通向真理之门的台阶,而爱迪生、洛克菲勒、亨利.福特、比尔.盖茨等发明创造者们为我们创造了必要的实用工具,柏拉图、伊本.西拿、朱熹、亚里斯多德、瑞内 .笛卡尔、培根、包括亚当 .斯密、卢梭、伏尔泰、马尔萨斯、达尔文、弗洛伊德等大师们为我们装备了必要的理性思维工具,现在该是我们承先启后、正本清源、吸收人类智慧的一切精华,开创新纪元的时候了。


   The development of the science provides us the key to the truth. Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Faraday, Stephen Hawking and other scientists pave steps to the door of the truth for us; Edison, Rockefeller, Henry Ford and Bill Gates create necessary utility tools for us; Plato, Ibn Sina, Zhu Xi, Aristotle, RenéDescartes Bacon, Adam Smith, Rousseau, Voltaire, Malthus, Darwin, Freud and other masters provide us necessary tool of rational thinking. Now, it is time to carry on the past heritage and open up the future, to rectify our foundation and to purify our origin, to absorb the essences of human intelligence and to develop a new era.




   Lifechanyuan not only solve the problem that if there is the Greatest Creator, the origin of the universe and life, the necessity and incidental, the karma, the previous life and the future world, the God, Buddha and Celestials in the universe; but also arrange the best way to people, strive to liberate you from suffering, lead you to develop into supreme life space and make your life bring out beautiful flowers in the everlasting space. I hope people who want to self-refine in Mortal World could participate in Lifechanyuan, such as hermits, religionist, president, Nobel Laureate, billionaire, scientist, entrepreneur, litterateur, public functionary, teacher, worker, farmer, rank-and-life soldiers, merchant and homeless tramp; as long as you can explain a question about universe, space or life and your theory can't be demolished, you can make contribution to Lifechanyuan.




   Lifechanyuan doesn't belong to a country, a nation, a religion, a political party or an organization and individual. Lifechanyuan isn't a religion form, so there isn't special ceremony and demand; Lifechanyuan isn't a company, so it doesn't participate in activity aiming at profit; Lifechanyuan isn't a political party, so it doesn't have constitution and doesn't participate in any political activities.





   Startup words




   A ship full loaded with new life is sailing, a new era is coming!




   We are in an era of economic growth, material prosperous, spirit poor and heart gloomy, an era which pay much more attention to reality and materialization, and an era of lacking belief.




   Cultivate conscience, educate mankind, seed civilization and enlighten spirit which are every sage's glorious mission; it is the calling of the era to build a mental and spiritual homeland.



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