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·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
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·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
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Love is a Precious Gift That the Greatest Creator Bestows to Human Bei





   Love is a Precious Gift That the Greatest Creator Bestows to Human Being








   Lifechanyuan Perspective on Love








   Xue Feng





   Nature is so lovely and pleasing because it has so many colors; human life is so sentimental; it is such a wrench to leave the world because there is love. Nature would be monotonous and dull without color; human life would be dull and cheerless without love.




   "What is this love? Why people would die for it?" The British prince "loves the beauty more than the power" In the story of Butterfly Lovers, Liang Shanbo jumped into the crack of Ju Yingtai's grave without any hesitation. Romeo came underneath the window of Juliet every night singing the song "Nightingale". Most musicians and artists in Europe and some great writers in Russian created enduring masterpieces inspired by their love in heart. The Prince Charming in the fairy tales has inspired innumerable girls' beautiful dream for future life. A Maid From Heaven descended to the mortal world for marrying Dong Yong in pursuit of love. The Jade Hare descended from the moon to the mortal world for a good match. The beautiful courtesan Du Shiniang threw her jewel box into water because of the loss of love. Yin ying took risk in love with Scholar Zhang. The maiden from an official family gave up comfortable life for love; young married women complained about her sheltered life. The gifted youth dueled to death for love, which would ever make all heroes wet their sleeves with hot tears. Love has made countless men and women bow in homage, and they would rather die for romance than live without love. White Snake, Green Snake, fox, and spiders which succeed in self-refinement made effort to establish a passionate connection with handsome young man in spite of Fa Hai, Masters, Sun Wukong the Monkey King, and Taoist priest's struggling to break the pair up. Love makes people to toss and turn in bed; love makes people unable to fall asleep; love gives people the strength for searching their lovers crossing through thousands of miles away; love makes people pine away day by day and deplore for the rest of their life because of missing a good chance in love with the beloved; and love makes many people lay down their lives.




   Love, is a precious gift that the Greatest Creator bestows to human beings.






   Jesus and Sakyamuni are just like beacons for people in their way of happy life. They are the most respectable men in our heart. Nevertheless, one is God and the other is Buddha, and the original intention of the Greatest Creator will be distorted if human nature is required according to the principle of God and Buddha. The Greatest Creator designed the appropriate penis and vagina as well as their corresponding position. Physical contact makes peoples passionate, orgasm makes people fascinated. Missing one's sweetheart would make him/her feel meal and drink flat, but seeing one's sweetheart would make him/her rambling and incoherent in speech, speeding up in pulse, and glowing red in face. Isn't it beautiful? Is it necessary for us to set up hedges and difficulties for blocking people's real love?




   Suppressing love is a destruction of human nature and a revolt against the Greatest Creator.




   Somebody said "Liberty and love! These two I must have. For my love I will sacrifice life, for liberty I will sacrifice my love". But what I don't understand is that, what use is liberty if you abandon life and love.




   Chairman Mao is a great man I admire the most. But during his time of governing, too much suppression of love suppressed the teenagers' longing for pure love as well as destroyed the most gorgeous part in human nature, and it distorted the most beautiful and normal psychological state in human nature. The "memorial archway for chastity" is still constraining people from the normal state given by the Greatest Creator, and it is actually a stain in human nature.




   I wish human beings could reflect on the love culture reasonably and including religion doctrines and one should think of love in the level of human nature rather than raising yourself in God's or Buddha's standards. That is to say, the first thing we should do is to be a human, and to be a human is the original intension of the Greatest Creator. It is only after being a human can we be qualified for enjoying the high level space of life which had been prepared by the Greatest Creator.




   Without passionate love, we are not able to feel the great love of the Greatest Creator and understand the Greatest Creator. Therefore, whoever refuses the feeling of love is actually refuse the Greatest Creator and violate the law of the Greatest Creator.




   Lifechanyuan advocates " childhood love and always in love for the rest of their life", because this kind of monogamous marriage is the noblest and purest, the most beautiful and the most stable love ties. I wish everyone in the world could enjoy this kind of love live.




   Lifechanyuan objects to "prostitution and whoring", because it besmirches love ties and it is only a trading, and a vulgar taste based on physical desire; it does not belong to the list of love. If prostitution and whoring became popular in society, the tragedy of ancient Rome would reappear.




   In order to clear up the source and originality, promo human nature, decrease tragic incidence and encourage real love, Lifechanyuan would like to put forward the following propositions concerning love:




   1. Ethics of love

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