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Invitation of Lifechanyuan





   Invitation of Lifechanyuan





   Lifetime is but a dream, life is not empty,


   Live life to the full, my life will be worthy.




   Follow the guide of The Greatest Creator will be beneficial to humanity,


   Blessed by God and Buddha, ideal will come true.




   Lifechanyuan, follows the Tao of the Greatest Creator,


   Safeguard life, cultivate saints.




   Great wisdom appears simple and the supreme wisdom is intangible


   Keep Buddha in your mind and your wishes may come true.




   I'm Deiform Buddha coming from the Lifechanyuan, an honest servant of the Greatest Creator and a devout discipline of Jesus the Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Prophet Muhammad, and the Celestial LaoTzu. Sincerely following Revelation, I commit myself to the foundation of Lifechanyuan in the mortal world and implementation of all religions will return to the origin, for the purpose of redeeming the living beings and "gathering crops".




   Lifechanyuan is planning to set up 256 branches throughout the world, with the primary mission of spreading the Tao of the Greatest Creator, promoting social stability and harmony, instructing people for their gradual life evolvement to the high level spaces of life, and in the end, realizing the achievement of quality of celestials.




   This is a game. Any saints in the mortal world(classified by groups), no matter what races or nationalities, religious beliefs, parties and factions, social status, educational backgrounds, ages and genres you belong to, you may join the game with us if you are willing to follow the Greatest Creator. The only groups of people we will not accept are the civil servants in government agencies, military personnel and all kinds of armed men. The reason of our rejection is not that there is no saint in the above groups, but that we worry that some confusions, troubles might be caused to the governments in all countries and we also want to avoid some possible threats and injuries on the life and the properties of our people.




   Lifechanyuan neither will involve in any form of demonstrations, sit-in protest, strike, armed insurrection, terrorist violence, war and other public activities, nor will Lifechanyuan be planners, organizers and supporters of these activities.




   Excepting for individual privacies, Lifechanyuan will open all the speeches and opinions, organization structures, and the arrangement of activities to the public in order to enable the government and the public for criticizing, reporting and disclosing.




   The policy of Lifechanyuan is: immediately rectify mistake once it is found and change the unacceptable ways while keeping its value.




   As we all know there will be more competent and talented people beyond the capable. We sincerely implore the miraculous persons, outstanding hermits, Chairmen, Chairwomen or Presidents of all countries, and party leaders to show mercy to Lifechanyuan. I also hope that those people of various circles who are neither familiar with nor understand Lifechanyuan would keep quiet and sit on the rail. Everyone should enjoy the equality in front of the Greatest Creator. Lifechanyuan will be beneficial to the world. Please wait and see.




   Lifechanyuan consists of two sections: the soul layer and the management layer. The soul layer consists of Deiform Buddha, Two Yin-Yang Saints, Four Kings, Eight Rabbis, Sixteen Buddhistic Masters, Thirty two World Directors, Sixty four Emissarys, One hundred and twenty eight Taoists etc. 255 saints altogether. The soul layer is responsible for exploring and working up the data of the outstanding part in each culture as well as their development, and displaying the secret of the universe, time, space and life to the fullest extent through combining the latest development of science and technology. The management layer consists of the General President, Branch Presidents of the 256 global branches and the 518 President Assistants, which is responsible for the management of external and internal affairs and activities in Lifechanyuan.




   In order to broadly invite people of ability, the original 512 academicians were renamed as President Assistants, and 6 General President Assistants are added to the list, which is 518 President Assistants altogether. There is no restrict for the number of academicians, so everybody can be regarded as an academician after application as long as he/she is friendly to Lifechanyuan and is willing to help.




   For more information in detail, please refer to the following Overview of Lifechanyuan




   The endless river eastward flows


   With its huge waves are gone all those gallant heroes of bygone years




   With space-time transportation, Tao embraces millions of talents




   Life is transient, seizes the opportunity and exhibits your brilliancy




   Flying over mountains, traversing galaxies to the ultimate place




   Locking the terrible storm of life time




   Revealing the charming scenery of high-level space of life




   Concerning human life, looking through the universe, and traveling in the vast space-time continuum




   Messengers of God and Buddha are waving from the hundreds of years.




   Today, we meet at the Lifechanyuan, we are flying from one side of the world to the other·············




   Tomorrow, we'll meet at the Celestial Islands Continent, enjoying the happiness of eternal life.




   Come on, my dear friend!


   Do not lose your eternal life for a transient human life




   The negative universe constituted by nonmaterial world is supernatural




   We are destined to be hand in hand in this lifetime




   After our merits consummating, let's look back at the little Earth.

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