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耶和華神珍愛中國.保守中國人!超越一切 Above All !

   上傳者: andrewgospel | 建立時間: 2007-10- 6

   Video Clip by Andrewgospel
   Praise and Worship Song with Lyrics
   超越一切 / 蒙恩使女 (1)
   Above All
   Above all powers, above all kings,
   Above all nature and all created things,
   Above all wisdom and all the ways of man,
   You were here before the world began.
   Above all kingdoms, above all thrones,
   Above all wonders the world has ever known,
   Above all wealth and treasures of the earth,
   There's no way to measure what You're worth.
   Crucified, laid behind a stone
   You lived to die, rejected and alone.
   Like a rose trampled on the ground,
   You took the fall and thought of me,
   Above All.
   (Chinese Version)
   超越眾能力 超越眾王
   超越眾王國 超越權勢
   # 釘十架 被埋石洞裡
   犧牲自己 孤獨地被拋棄
   像玫瑰 被踐踏在地
   降低自己 因你愛我
    * Chinese
    * Version
    * Above
    * All
    * 超越一切
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   上傳者評論 (andrewgospel)
    無不口稱「耶穌基督為主」,使榮耀歸與父神。 (腓立比書 2 :6-11)
    artistsnc 7 個月以前 30
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    @artistsnc Thank you so much for the comments. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. (John 3:16-17)
    andrewgospel 7 個月以前 6
    No man invented any- language ?, & no man, was before universe!. And no human, is flesh without a creator . Jesus is my king..Amen
    juandey 1 年 以前 16
   此影片是對 我需要有你在我生命中 的回應
    * 縮圖4:37新增至已加到佇列 J-worship - Above All (japanese version)上傳者:passarodoartico觀看次數:28,646
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    shatakuhou 2 個月以前
    @macktheknife888 (continued) please tell.. all i long for is that the truth be told to this world! anything untrue can't be lived with.. therefore, i am always ready to learn with discernment.
    ali101love 2 個月以前
    @macktheknife888 (continued) if something is read out of context, the whole idea could be completely destroyed!.. i dunno.. #3. Jesus fulfilled the prophecies that where told of the coming Messiah.. so why wouldn't He be Messiah.. He Himself said He is to His disciples.. if that wasn't true, than why would God send a prophet who lies like that?? God would know if He would lie about that.. if He lied He can't even be called a prophet!.. if you have anything to say against any of this, (continue)
    ali101love 2 個月以前
    @macktheknife888 (continued) will be merciful to these cities that have betrayed him! :) that He is God, and He is more powerful and loving than us humans.. that He won't destroy the whole city with anger, as these people would do to each other.. He isn't saying that He isn't Jesus.. #1. this is the old testament, so Jesus was not flesh yet.. He was (and still is) the Word (John 1:1-5). #2. the context of Bible verses are always one of the most important things to look for for truth.(continue)
    ali101love 2 個月以前
    @macktheknife888 i think you are reading it out of context.. that verse in my NIV bible says: "I will not carry out my fierce anger, nor will i devastate Ephraim again. For i am God, and not a human being-- the Holy One among you. I will not come against your cities." now, the thing is that this doesn't make much sense unless the whole chapter is read.. and at that point it may even be needed to read from the way beginning of Hosea! this verse, as i see it is simply saying that God (continue)-
    ali101love 2 個月以前
    As it is written in the book of Hosea 11 vs 9 for i am God and not man. And in numbers 23 vs 19 God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Jesus was a prophet of God, the greatest prophet of God, peace be upon him. So how can you call Jesus the son of man when the bible says other wise. Did Jesus get ride of the romans? NO So he's not the jewish massiah is he. Constantine a pagan Emperor put together the gospels. Are you sure all is true?
    macktheknife888 5 個月以前
    Gospod Isus Hristos je nas Spasitelj .Amin( Serbien laung) -Lord Jesus Christ is oure Saviore .Amen ..
    the888CCCC 5 個月以前
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