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   貌强 Maung Chan (缅甸华族)


   布朗(德昂)妇女协会PWO(Palaung Women Organization )的“毒山地”(Poinsoned Hills)报告书透露:曼东区与南坎区的鸦片种植地,在2006-09年猛增了5倍,目前高达4500公顷。该数字已大大超越联合国毒品刑事法庭UNODC鸦片年产量的评估报告。



   虽曾有过勃朗邦解放军PSLA(Palaung State Liberation Army)等反政府武装力量管辖的地区,但与军政府达成停战协议后,早在2005年就被迫缴械投降,其管辖区已被政府军与其民兵团接收了。







   ( 2010年1月26日 )

   Increasing Opium Addiction In Government-Controlled Palaung Area

   According to a new report by the Palaung Women's Organization (PWO),

   The opium cultivation in Palaung areas of northern Shan State is increasing and creating widespread addiction and poisoning the Palaung people.

   The report titled “Poisoned Hills,” said that opium fields are flourishing in insurgent area, cease-fire area and the Burmese government-controlled area.

   The Palaung researchers said that those field surveys in Namkham and Mantong townships in the Palaung region between 2007-09 found that the total area of cultivated opium had increased up to 5 fold —from 963 hectares in 2006-07 to 4,545 hectares in 2008-09.

   the research-leader Lwoy Nway Hnoung said that the drug addiction had led to stealing and domestic violence within families .

   The local villagers said that the drug was responsible for more and more men and boys becoming addicts.

   “The only men who aren't using drugs are the monks in the monasteries,” one Palaung woman said.

   In a village of Mantong, it was found that that the percentage of men aged 15 and older addicted to opium had increased from 57% in 2007 to 85 % in 2009.

   Namkham and Mantong are under the control of the Burmese government forces, although they were previously administered by the Palaung State Liberation Army until it surrendered to the Burmese armed forces in 2005.

   The report said that local Burmese authorities—the army, police and pro-junta militia—were involved deeply in the drug trade.

   The "anti-drug teams" formed by the regime in the regions, are, instead of eradicating poppy fields, extorting large sums from local farmers and then allowing them to grow the crop.

   During 2007-08 in Mantong, the Junta had collected at least 37 million kyat (US $37,000) in bribes from the villagers.

   The report emphasized that

   **a negotiated resolution to the political issues at the root of Burma’s civil war and political reform are needed to address the drug issue.

   **As long as this corrupt regime remains in power, drugs will increae and continue to poison people in Palaung State and Shan State.

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