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The Flame Bottle Is Actually Safe and Simple— 260

   The Flame Bottle Is Actually Safe and Simple—Awakening 260

   September 15, 2009

   此文的中文内容见“刘蔚:燃烧瓶其实简单,安全--唤醒国人之260”,在我在博讯的博客 http://boxun.com/hero/flake (The Chinese version of this article is “The Flame Bottle Is Actually Safe and Simple—Awakening 260”, on my blog in Boxun Website http://boxun.com/hero/flake)

   Now 2009 what common Chinese people want to do has been solved. That is to remove the Chinese Communist Regime. Since 1949, that regime grabs all the resources like the land given by God for people to live and does not give people any kind of welfare like housing, food, education or medical care. Now the average income of Chinese people 18 years old or over is around 50 U. S. dollars a month, and only 2% people can solve their housing, food and medical care. Meanwhile, the communist officials get tons of money. In 2007, 0.4% of people in China possess 70% of the wealth there. People are angry.

   That regime also caused the global warming. In the recent several years, it consumes one third of the world’s energy every year. In 2008, it became the largest carbon dioxide emitting country in the world. 80% of China’s electricity is generated by the thermal plant, which uses the coal, emitting lots of dioxide. The former Vice President of America Al Gore has been to China and knows it.

   One obstacle for common people in China to act is that they do not have access to weapons, even the air gun is listed as forbidden stuff by that regime. Last time we talked about that common Chinese people can use slingshot having a range around 40 meters to oppose that regime. Today we talk about a new weapon for people. Common Chinese people do not have much expertise or resources. So we need to think out something not difficult for people to obtain, to use. That is the flame bottle, also known as Molotov cocktail.

   Many people worry about the safety of the flame bottle for some people say we have to make the fuse inside the glass bottle. After consulting with the personnel of military and weaponry, we feel that increases the complexity and difficulty of making and using the flame bottle and is not necessary. The fundamental of the flame bottle is that when the glass bottle touches the hard ground by throwing, the glass breaks and the flammable liquid like alcohol or gasoline inside spreads on the ground, touches the fire outside and burns. So we can just make all the fuse, which is the cloth soaked with alcohol or gasoline, outside the glass bottle.

   The procedures are the following: 1 Find a glass bottle with lid. The bottle should be no less than 500 ml. The purpose of using glass bottle is that it will break when it touches the hard ground. 2 Infuse the glass bottle with alcohol or gasoline to 70% of its volume. Don’t fill it all the way. Cover the lid tight on top. The purpose of it is to prevent the liquid inside from spilling out during the flying. 3 Soak the cloth about half an inch wide and half a foot long in alcohol or gasoline. Coil it on the upper part of the bottle, tie it. Now the flame bottle is finished. 4 When using it, use a hand to grab the lower part of the bottle, light the soaked cloth on the upper part of the bottle, wait a second for the fire to develop a little bit, then throw it. Done.

   It is safe. The bottle will not burn or explode before it is thrown out, hit the ground and break. Because the liquid inside and the fire outside are separate. It is simple. The outside look of a flame bottle is like the glass of water with lid if it is alcohol inside, plus a coil of cloth on the upper part. A twelve year old kid can do it. The range depends on everybody’s arm strength. It should have a range of 30 meters. The time from making it to using it had better be not more than a day.

   The Chinese Communist Regime just has two regime buildings in each county. One is the Communist Party Committee Building, maybe together with the government build. In China, the government is led by the Party Committee. The other is the police building. There is no troop in 80% of the counties in China. Now that regime has about 3.5 million soldiers, including 1 million armed police equipped with AK-47, who are in fact the army. That regime calls them armed police just to show people, “See, I didn’t use the army to crack down people. I used the armed police.”

   The flame bottle is also easy to carry when it is not big. People can carry it for demonstration in the big city too. If that regime does not relieve its robbery upon people and send forces to strike people, people can throw the flame bottle at the formation of the forces.

   Now even one person can play a big role. He can just throw a flame bottle at a regime building. Then he can declare to form a democratic government. Now 95% of Chinese people want to remove that regime. If one can do it, he will be a national hero of China.

   Anyone who largely likes my idea may want to spread it to five or more people to let more people participate in removing the Chinese Communist Regime. To the democratic China, forward--, march.

   The End

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