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Blood Stains on Innumerable White Bones (血迹斑斑白骨累累)

   Blood Stains on Innumerable White Bones-- A long Criminal Record of the Chinese Communist Party’s treading of Human Life as if it were not worth a Straw
   I am from mainland China, and not long ago I set my foot for the first time on the United States of America, the land of freedom and democracy. Commanded by my conscience and sense of responsibility, I want to share with the world what I have seen and heard in China in hope to demonstrate how Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its government—the self-claimed representative of Chinese people’s best interests— have practiced tyranny and corruption, violated human rights, suppressed democracy, murdered the innocent, and treaded human life as if it were not worth a straw.             

   My hometown, Shanxi Province, nicknamed as China’s Capital of Coal, is famous for its rich resource of high quality coal. Since the time of the Reform and Open Door Policy, because of insatiable greed and rampant corruption, many illegal small-scale coal mines appeared everywhere like ant hills. These poorly equipped coal mines, oftentimes overexploited and overloaded, disregard any safety rules and environment laws, and thus become hotbeds for accidents. In such infernal working conditions, tormented by frequent disastrous accidents, the miners are treated no better than ants and many of them died or got injured.
   Testimony No. 1: The Old Weeping Mother
   An old lady from a village in Zuoyun District of Shangxi Province is the mother of a family of five. The poor family barely survives with the income of the oldest son, who works at the mine not far away from his home. One day, the son left for work and never came back.
   After a couple of days without seeing her son, the old lady, together with her daughter-in-law, went to look for her son at the mine. At the temporary sheds used as miner’s dorms, she saw the shoes and the clothes that her son wore when left for work, but did not see her son’s working uniform. She immediately realized that something bad had happened to her son down in the mine shaft. The old mother and her daughter-in-law went to talk with the authority of the mine, insisting on seeing their loved one, even if it’s only his body. They also requested a recompensation for the loss of their family member, which was denied. They were told by the authority of the mine that the son had simply disappeared, and it had nothing to do with the mine. They also informed the old mother and her daughter-in-law that they had reported the disappearance to the police and they should inquire about their family member at the police department. After that, the mine authority no longer wanted to talk with them.
   The old mother and her daughter-in-law did not believe what they were told and visited the Police Department and even the district Government for justice. However, because of the collusion between the mine and the police department and the government, the old mother and her daughter-in-law were told the same story: their family member was lost and the only thing they could do was waiting and looking for him patiently. When I met the old mother and her daughter-in-law, they were in the saddest shape, with their hearts broken and their spirit broken as well. The old mother kept on wailing: “Give me back my son! Give me back my son!” Her cry was simply too heart-wrenching to listen! Out of compassion and moral obligation, I went to talk with the mine authority. The mine owner became verbally abusive against me and refused to talk with me. I went to some government departments, and did not get any answers from anybody either. My frustration, however, was nothing compared to the old mother‘s desperation. How will she survive without her son?
   According to an insider, the old mother’s son had indeed died in a disastrous accident in the mine. The owner of the mine, to evade his responsibilities, had disposed his body and, in collusion with police department and other government officials, had created this inhumane and ridiculous case of “disappearance.”
    Testimony No. 2: Tears of the Injured Miners.
   Many miners who work at the small coal shafts, under terrible conditions and without adequate safety equipment, oftentimes suffer injury and death in very frequent accidents. If they are injured, they cannot receive proper medical treatment. If they become handicapped, they receive very little recompensation.My friend’s cousin got injured by a cart pulling the coal at a small coal mine at Zuoyun District. His left leg and ankle suffered many comminuted fractures. The mine authority sent him to a small private clinic for treatment. When my friend and I went to visit the injured cousin at the private clinic, we were shocked by what we saw. A big poorly lit room, used as a sick chamber, was crowded of more than a dozen of dirty and dark beds. On the beds were injured miners, some covered by bandage over their heads, some with a broken arm. Most of them were groaning and moaning in pain. The sight was so shocking that I thought I might have just stepped into hell. My friend’s cousin was lying on a bed with his left ankle fixed by a few wooden sticks and bandages, the only treatment he had received. Upon seeing the bad condition of the clinic, we requested a transfer for my friend’s cousin. However, the mine owner threatened us, “You can transfer him, but we are not going to pay a cent if he receives treatment somewhere else.” My friend’s cousin had no other way but remaining in the clinic to receive his “treatment.” A miner from Inner Mongolia, who was hit at waist by a rock falling from the ceiling of the mine, lost his ability to do manual labor. He was in his thirties, and had two parents, a wife and a small child to support. After many negotiations with the mine owner, he received 30,000 RMB (about 4,400 US dollars) as a one time recompensation. When he left the mine for his hometown, he told me in tears that he did not know what would be the future of his family like and how they would survive…
   Testimony No. 3: New “One Thousand People Pits” are being created in China “One Thousand People Pit” is a term used to refer to the common grave where Japanese soldiers dumped dead and moribund Chinese miners when they could no longer perform hard labor at mines. During World War II, in the Japanese-occupied area in north China, the Japanese engaged themselves in frenzied looting of coal resources. They forced many Chinese to work in the mines and dumped the dead and injured in ravines and thus created many “One Thousand People Pits” filled with white bones. Today in Mainland China under the communist regime, corrupt government officials in collusion with greedy mine owners, in disregard of human life, are creating many new “One Thousand People Pits,” which are unknown to the outside world.
   In some News reports, we heard about some accidents at mines, for example, 125 miners died in Hongtong of Shanxi Province on December 5, 2007, 169 miners died in Qitaihe of Heilongjiang Province on November 27, 2005, 166 miners died in Tongchuan of Shaanxi Province on November 28, 2004. What I’d like to tell the world is that these reported accidents and casualties are no more than a tip of a huge iceberg. More accidents have been covered up and hidden from the public by the mine owners and the corrupt government.
   In recent years, I did some research on mine accidents that happened in Datong, Shuozhou, and Xingzhou, all in Shanxi Province. I found out that each year more than 100 accidents failed to be reported. Some accidents involved a few deaths, others involved a few dozen deaths, in some cases, up to 100 deaths were covered up. When an accident happens, some mine owners would first shut down the mine’s communications with the outside, then at night they would transport the bodies of the dead miners out of town for cremation. Other mine owners would just bury the dead bodies deep in abandoned mines. Some mine owners and involved government officials have made such a shameful statement: “If there is no death at coal mines, will a coal mine still be called a coal mine?! Last year when I heard about the gas explosion at a coal mine in Datong, I went to research with a couple of friends. The coal mine’s main gate was locked and guarded by security guards. We saw that in front of the gate at the place where a loadometer had been there were fresh stones and dirt covering up the hole left by the loadometer. According to an insider, at that coal mine there were at least one hundred people working underground. After the explosion, the mine owner did not report the accident nor tried to rescue the miners. Instead he simply sealed the entrance/exit of the mine. There was not a single survivor from that accident.


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