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Wei Liu: Use Arrow and Slingshot for Uprising

   Wei Liu: Use Arrow and Slingshot for Uprising

   June 2009

   Many foreigners get dazed by the tall buildings in the city in China, thinking Chinese people must lead a good life, but the truth is to the contrary. The Chinese Communist Regime grabs by force all the resources like the land given by God for people to live, and does not give people any welfare like housing, food, education, or medical care. The average income in China in 2009 is about 400 yuan a month or some 70 U. S. dollars a month. In 2009, 0.4% of the population in China, mainly the Communist officials, possesses 70% of the wealth there. In short, the wealth in China is grabbed by the Communist officials and common people get nothing except robbery. Now in 2009 over 98% of Chinese people want to get rid of the Chinese Communist Regime.

   As common people in China, we wish America to have the courage to launch out a military operation like “Liberating Iraq” to liberate the 1.3 billion Chinese people. Many foreigners might think this too risky. In my view, it won’t be as difficult as that in Iraq. Think about 1989 Tian’anmen Square Event. At that time, 50 million people went on street all over the country, shouting, “We want democracy.” We hope every foreigner who likes China to become a democratic country to tell five people or more to see my blog http://boxun.com/hero/flake which talks about how to democratize China and tell them to do the same thing.

   Having been robbed and suppressed by the Communist Regime for almost 60 years, Chinese people cannot wait for the foreign help any longer. We have to do it by ourselves. A big obstacle for us common Chinese people is that the Communist regime forbids us to have weapons. The rifles are not available in the store. Now in 2009, that regime even lists air gun as a forbidden item.

   China has about 2000 counties. That regime has some 3.5 million troops including air force, navy, army and the armed police equipped with AK-47. That regime usually garrisons its forces by the unit of division that has over 10,000 soldiers, which means it garrisons troops in about 350 counties. Thus, there are no communist troops in over 80% of all the counties in China. So in most counties there are only the police.

   Then what kind of weapon can be available to common Chinese people? That weapon needs to be able to knock down a person 40 yards away. In urban fighting, usually we don’t need long-range weapon like 200 yards range. To take a county is not so complex. We just need to occupy a couple of buildings of the regime like its Communist Party Building and its Police Building, take down its red flag and hoist our blue flag. Blue is the color for democratizing China, shared by most Chinese democrats.

   In May 2009, we revolutionary, who has the desire to overthrow the Communist regime and change China to a democratic country, walk around, talk to people having weaponry knowledge, look at machine guns, rifles, pistols, air guns, arrows, slingshot. Common people already know knife. So here we don’t elaborate on it any more. The guns are hard for common people to make, even if just a gunpowder gun. You still need to ignite the gunpowder to shoot. The more difficult item is the bullet. Without bullet, the gun is useless. Chinese people cannot fight against that regime with just bare hands.

   Finally when we came across the arrow and the slingshot used by adults, we got enlightened. The both kinds of weapon have a range of over 40 yards. The slingshot’s rubber band can stretch from 8 inches to 32 inches on a single side, storing lots of strength. It can shoot metal ball and can be deadly. Chinese people can get arrows and slingshots in the store. The arrow is about $50 and the slingshot is about $2. Even for those who really cannot afford them, it won’t be so hard for people to make them. Now owing to the economic crisis, over 300 million Chinese don’t have a job. They have plenty time to make an arrow or a slingshot or practice on them if they want to.

   All the weapons are just for people to insurrect or defense themselves when they are struck, robbed by other people. In China, the social security is so bad. We can see fighting or quarrelling on street in most days. Because the Communist regime robbing people to the extreme does not want a fair and peaceful society. If it were a fair and peaceful society, people wouldn’t accept the practice of the Communist that whoever has the power, whoever has whatever. People cannot use the weapons like arrow or slingshot to shoot at other people, other people’s wealth or animals.

   A man practices the arrow or the slingshot for an hour a day. In two months, he should be able to knock down a person 40 yards away. Woman can do it as well. Then he or she is ready. Three people can form a fighting group. One uses an arrow, one uses a slingshot, and the third a knife. Then it should be able to deal with opponents near or far. 10 people launch out a sudden attack can occupy a building.

   The scenario can be this: 8 people rush into the regime’s building, annihilate the Communist officials there. 2 people outside call people on street to join, shouting, “Uprising, uprising.” Taking the first building can cause us some casualty. But we should still have the weapon like arrows, slingshots, knives, and even air gun. A few people can get air gun in China. Then with the joining mass, we can replenish our uprising army and go to take the second building of the regime in the county. After that, we go to take the third building of the regime if there is. The whole action relies on the thunder surprise of our movement. Then we take down the red flag of the communist and hoist our blue flag, and declare to the world the forming of the new democratic government of China. Our action should be on the headline of Washington Post and CNN.

   Some say, “Then the Communist regime must use its army to obliterate the uprising county.” That can happen. But from being unable to take out the county regime to being able to do so is no doubt a big step toward overthrowing the Chinese Communist Regime.

   Don’t think this is ridiculous. We like to use the rifle, but it is not available for common Chinese people. It is feasible to take out a county regime by arrows, slingshot and knives. In 2008, Yang Jia, a man being hurt by the Communist police, rushed into the police building in Shanghai, and killed six and wounded another four policemen with his single knife. Now the Communist regime does not let its troops have bullets in the daily times and does not let its police have guns or bullets unless they have the assignment involving weapon, because it fears the troops and police might insurrect as well. Yang Jia is held as a big hero by most Chinese people.

   We wish China to have some courageous people. Above all, what people want is freedom, democracy and equality.

   The End

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