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What kind of conspiracy is this?

It is a true story. I live in the third largest city in China. Ifound he was hammered by the guy who lived upstairs because thoseguys said he had been watching TV with too loud volume and thatvolume just disturbs their normal life. And those guys just didn’tbother to discuss the problem with me but just stuck the flour (myroof). That reappeared even when I turned down the volume so lowthat I could almost hear the sound and that was totallyunreasonable. Then there was a fight between me and over tenpeople.
   That was almost 5 years ago. And then I bought another apartment inanther district and moved in almost four years ago. Butunexpectedly, things happened again with another fight. I justcouldn’t understand at all since I could hear quite some loudsounds around when neighbor around opened their door, but there wasnever a single dispute among the others. And most important I couldnot hear any sound from that family I fight with when the door wasshut when they just kept complaining about the noise I made. Alsothis was completely unreasonable since sound must travel in doubleways, when the noise goes out, it must come in at the same time.When those fights occurred again and again, every neighbor aroundseems know the disputes and hated me without any body just botheredto talk with me for any information.
   I was divorced around half a year ago and moved back the district Iused to live in an apartment near the old one. Still the same thingwith all the complaining and scold and hatred happened again when Ialmost never turn on my TV set. Besides all these things, when Ivisited my two brother’s home separately, I found the same problembother them quite a lot for many years. But both of the family isbold enough to talk about this at all. And also the same case whenI visited my ex-wife’s home where I used to live. Then I was toldabout my mother who died ten years ago. Just half year before shewas found affected with lung cancer she was told every part of herwas in a very good shape, and then after half a year she died.Times New Roman. During all these years, when all those disputeshappened, I found myself could not go to sleep because the bed wasjust shaking with some mean guy’s operation. And I was awakened bythese operations for four or five times every night. I may findpains with some parts of my body say my chest or hand or ear or anypart without any reason when I quarreled with my ex-wife or anyfamily member about anything about those dispute or anything thatmay any guy opposite might not like. When I just hit some parts ofmy body to call some painful feeling, the older painful feelingwill die. I guess he or she may feel the pain when I do so so thathe or she had to stop his operation. When I told my son who is justalmost 9 about this, he told me that this actually bother him quitesome time and when he did the same thing like mine he got the sameeffect. And additionally I have been kept changingmy job constantly not because of my own willing. I worked for alisted American chemical company, listed Singapore Food Company, aFortune 500 European chemical company and a listed Hong Kongtrading company, as a warehouse supervisor, warehouse manager andlogistics managers. In every company I made it a very successfulcareer but I had to leave because people in every company hated meunreasonably, even those guys I never dealt with. They maybewilling to do anything they can to harm me or push meout. When I make a chain with all these things, Irealize that we are facing the threaten and force of a biginstitution with extreme power!! For over ten years my familymember just kept cheating me that all these are just my imaginationnot real. Because they know me quite well that I will neversurrendered to any party when I realize what is the fact. But myeldest brother who is a very talented and once a successfulgovernment official people suffered a business failure and arejobless for more than five year. My second elder brother has tohave plenty of sleepiness at daytime due to lacking efficientsleepiness at night and almost lost his job for several times. Imay quite certain that my mother got the lung cancer because shewas so worried about her sons and herself and dared not to tell methe truth. She cannot have good sleep at night and beaten in manyways and therefore always in a bad and worried mood. That causesher the illness and dead. As time goes by, the disturbance justspread to our next generation. My second niece grows withinefficient sleepiness then gets the worse and worse record in herexamination and a heavy body. And also my son, I can feel the bedis shaking under his body. No matter which part of the bed hemoves, the shake will be kept accurately under him. He is more andmore violent due to lacking good sleepiness. He becomes more andmore impolite at school and gets quite a lot complaint from theteacher. Besides all these, I have recognized that the institutionagainst us has lots of technical weapon against us which are farbeyond our imagination. When I got divorced and left the apartmentI used to live with my ex-wife and my son. I rent an apartment nearto where I lived with my mother and my second brother in the olddays. Then I found myself completely under the control of thatsonofabitch institution. Every family around me is against me.Everybody whispered bad words about me, shout out to complaint evenwhen my TV volume was very low. Guy lives upstairs hit his groundto this. All my home electricity appliances were out of work and Ihave to buy every for replacement. My toilet was stuck when I didanything against them. They can view me every minute and hear everyword I whisper to encourage myself. One day when my toilet wasstuck I just tried to communicate with those sonsofbithches andsaid: “How can I imagine somebody like you will do this cheapthing while being a professional people like you. This is mean andcheap to play such a thing with the toilet! Are you shameless?”Then all water and dirty things in the toilet just drained outwithin one second. This was funny and proved that my lowest whisperwill be heard and they did this to disturb me and the workingpeople are not as shameless as the institution.Additionally one daymy eldest brother gave me some computer parts like sound card andvisual card, I put them in a plastic bag and on the desk under myair-conditioner newly bought. After ten minutes of my going on bedjust besides, some water just dropped right on the point of thatbag trying to ruin those parts. I jumped on my foot to take it awayjust in the minute to \save the parts and right on that minute thedropping water stopped and never happened again. What kind oftechnique is this? It looks like should be only within the god’scapability. And for several times my water heater was out of workand drained out a lot of water. I just suspected that and triedsaying to them: “That doesn’t work. It doesn’t bother me alittle at all. It is just laughter.” Then that just never happenagain, not for a single case!!Apart from the control over humanbody and electricity appliance, what the most frightening is thatthey can control the sound! Whichever roof I am under they can makea sound like “bump” right on my head without letting any otherguy’s notice or even when there not at all any roof above me, justin the air. One day when I sent some angry SMS saying to resistthem for my whole life at a bus station, they made some sound likea thunder just in the air. “Bump! Bump!”When I was sitting on thesofa next to the window, the sound of the cars on the road beyond ahundred meters away wound come to my ear like a big thunder andlast for as long as I sat there. Then I realize the truth of thereason why my neighbors hate me so much. They can pass the sound ofmy TV set and HiFi to anybody they want without letting their soundcome to me since they have such an advanced technique oncontrolling the sound. Those neighbors may just recognize the soundare from me and know nothing behind that. And they may make moneyby helping the neighbors against me, that explains why those fightsoccurred. Or this is just some way to make our family membersuffer!!All these had exercised my nerve so much that I am notafraid of anything now. Even when I am facing the biggest giant!!But the most important finding of mine for this whole year is theircomputer technique!! After half a year that I had been dealing withtheir hackers, I realized that my computer was hacked without aconnection to the internet! That is a wireless remote controlwithout any wireless function parts in my computer!!!I ever checkedtheir method of doing through internet for more than a whole month,study their way, changing every setting of my PC and proved to befruitless. It is a not found or a kept-secret method to the wholeopen world. Actually I found the six PC owned by our family are inthe same condition, including two of mostly sold brand PC, two atthe third mostly sold PC brand and two self-installed. My PC is thea model of the currently third mostly selling brand PC in theworld, a local brand which swallow a much bigger part of anothermuch more famous brand maybe two years ago. I study the manual ofthe PC and the main board word by word, without found a single partwith any wireless function like wireless LAN controller or adapter.Exceptionally the main board supports the infrared function, butthere is not an adapter attached to. I tried to pack with PC with ablanket and found it could not stop them. Therefore this is not theinfrared because it is not possible for infrared to go through athick blanket. The most advanced method you can never imagine isthat they can even control my Bios (or CMOS)!! They can change someof the settings such as first boot device, and relative to thefloppy disk. I think they virtually setup a floppy disk on my harddisk or theirs and start my C drive from the virtual FDD. Thereforethey can control my computer. On that basis, they virtual a wholeset of PC on my hard disk, co-processor, PNP mouse, keyboard, etc.The method to find whether they are in is to enter XP through safemode. You have to choose the account of Administrator (only shownon the mode). Open the Resource explorer then, choose to show allthe system folder documents and uncheck the hiding protected systemdocument, click the show all documents. Then you will find thefolder of System Volume Information (should not be there if youchoose to shut down the system restore function). If you can enterthe folder freely, congratulations, you are free. If not, sorry forthat, you are hacked. Secondly you can use the program of Totalcommander to view the folder of recycler (or recycled), most oftheir document including programs and files are put there. Thereare two method you can select to keep them out mostly when you arenot connected to the internet. First you need to choose disable theFirst Boot Device and start to boot from the second. And mostimportant you must choose Auto to let the PC to detect whetherthere is something connected to the all four or six IDE connectionsyou have, or they will be able to virtual a hard disk to thatconnection. If there is a hard disk, choose the LBA of access mode.Normally they will reserve 5-8M of your hard disk volume to puttheir document when you are creating the partitions. Thereforesecondly you should use the tools provide by the hard diskmanufacturer to partition your hard disk and try not leave a singlebyte left. And then you should choose to boot from your CD to viewthe partition, use Smart disk if you can. If you see several MB ofspace in raw condition, use that document to change the partitionto some very old and seldom used format say BBS or something. Thenthey will not able to virtual a partition for their usage.Additionally you will have use to quota function in the property ofyour partition, strict the quota function to 1 kb for every userand set up a unlimited quota for yourself. These will keep themfrom most of the controlling function, but since the connectionstill exists, not completely. I can control my PC mostly after awhole year of fighting and studying. Do I win the maybe mostadvanced hacker in the world? With my bare hand and never in aclassroom for PC? I don’t know. But I can do most of things as Iwish now. And now I am facing the question of the revenge of mymother’s dead and the protection of our children. How can I findthe way to win? This is the only way I can use since I don’t haveany evidence to call the police or for help from the government. Idon’t think they are working for the government since none of ourfamily is involved with any political party or action or ever breakthe law to arouse such a big problem. I regard that their real goalis money and they are invited by one or some of mean enemy to oneof our family member. And they don’t ever invent all thosetechnique to just to disturb our family. That is too costly andthey are not stupid enough to do so. Therefore there maybe tens ofthousand of people around the world are suffering from theiroperation and knowing nothing about the things behind or even wherethe harm comes. If you feel anything similar, try some of my methodto identify, I will publish my e-mail later and also my real placelater. Let us share the feeling and fight for our freedom and ourfuture. Actually they leave evidence everywhere when they areworking like sharing the desktop of my PC to a lot people, butthose people surely dare not to talk under the pressure. But if itis a authority party to work, things are completelydifferent.


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