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I Am Grieved for Myself to Have Grown Up under the Red Flag

   I Am Grieved for Myself to Have Grown Up under the Red Flag (我为自己生长在红旗下悲哀!)
   I belong to the generation that is called the one that was born in the new society and grew up under the Red Flag. As an adolescent, brainwashed by the communist propaganda, I believed that the capitalist society was the most reactionary and most repressive society and its prosperity was based on human exploitation. I was also taught that Chinese communist party (CCP) was the greatest, most glorious, and most correct political party, who liberated the Chinese people and established the new socialist China. I felt an infinite pride of belonging to the generation that was born in the new society and grew up under the red flag, and I considered myself the happiest person on earth. However, as I grew older and gained more experience seeing what the communist did, I started to realize that socialism is not that good, capitalism is not that bad, and most importantly, I realized that the Chinese communist party was not that great and correct but instead has done wrong to the Chinese people time after time. One atrocity after another, the communist led China and the Chinese people into deep disasters! I realized how unfortunate and sad that I belong to the generation of being born in the new society and growing up under the red flag. I was born in the wrong age.
   Socialist system did not show its superior advantages but destroyed the production power and brought poverty and distraught to the Chinese people. The socialism was not much more than a big theater for the communist party to stage its stupid but cruel farces. From the Three-Anti and Five-Anti Movements to the Great Leap Forward and People’s Commune, from the Cultural Revolution to the post-Reform government corruption and uncontrolled exploitation and destruction of natural resources, the Chinese communist regime has been proved to be impossibly impotent, and like a headless fly, it has led China to deeper and deeper disasters.

   The totalitarian rule of CCP with its obscurantist policy has made Chinese people maybe the meekest people on earth. CCP does not only controls the government but also controls the state apparatus—the army and the police. Those communist leaders in power, like the Monk Xuanzhang in Journey to the West, have put a tight and unbreakable band around the Chinese people’s heads to control us, to prevent us from having any thoughts of our own, and to prohibit us from acting outside the communist box. If you dare to disagree, they are going to chant the spell to cause you excruciating pain and to make you give in and live an ignoble existence. CCP has transformed the vigorous Chinese people into a nation of docile subjects who live in fear, ignorance, and schizophrenia.
   CCP has the absolute command of the public media in China. It always distorts the reality to deceive the world. The political system of the west world, on the other hand, is a better and more advanced system with universal values. This system promotes the development of the power of productivity and has created the great western civilization. This system respects human rights, promotes freedom for people. In this system, the people rules, enjoys freedom, and has a legitimate right to the pursuit of happiness. On the contrary, to maintain its single-party dictatorship, with the help of the state controlled media,CCP tries very hard to defame and demonize the western civilization, it treads on the human rights, scuffles the cries for democracy, and represses, arrests or exiles the dissidents. The regime intends to hide its own ugly and beastly actions from the outside world, and applies obscurantist policy on its own people. Disguised as a golden Buddha or a great savior, the regime wants the people to kneel down and worship it. They don’t know that when their lies are exposed how badly they will end.
   I am really grieved for myself to have grown up under the Red Flag!
   I am really grieved that the Chinese people are still under the communist slavery!
   Only when the CCP is toppled, the Red Flag down, there will be hope for the Chinese people!
   I plead to the mighty gods that may this day come soon!

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