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The Necessity to Remove the Chinese Communist Regime--220th of Awakening People

    This article is in English and Chinese.

    By Wei Liu January 2009

    If we see the truth, we should tell everybody of the six billion people in the world. The Chinese Communist Regime not only harms Chinese people, but also harms people in the world. In China, that regime, consisting of Communist bureau leaders occupying less than 1 million people or 0.1% of the whole population, grasps by force all the resources like the land and minerals given by God for people to live to make money for themselves, and do not give any welfare like housing, food or medical care to people. Those who largely agree on the ideas of this article please feel free to spread or publish it to make the world better.

    The Communist Regime also establishes its monopoly by force or by the bayonets in many trades like housing, school, hospital, media, and communication. For instance, as a common people in China, if I want to run a school or run a newspaper, the police send me to prison. Then that regime sets the prices in their monopolized trades very high. The average income for all those who are eighteen years old in China in 2009 is around 400 renminbi or 60 U. S. dollars a month. And the Communist Regime sets the tuition and fee of college around 10,000 per year, which is over twice of people’s average income. While over 98% of Chinese people struggle to stay alive, the bureau leaders of that regime make tons of money. In 2006, 3000 descendents of the Communist high officials hold 2 trillion reminbi of wealth, with each of them having 670 million renminbi, or 90 million U. S. dollars. As a result, in 2009 in China 0.4% of the population hold 70% of the wealth there.

    That regime harms the world in two ways. One is its causing the global warming. As the above mentioned, by grasping all the land by force and imposing heavy tax and fees in the country, it forces millions of peasant to work in those poorly conditioned and poorly paid factories controlled by it. Those workers often work 60 hours a week and just get 800 renminbi or 120 U. S. dollars a month. As a result, today lots of merchandise in the world is made in China, and China became the largest greenhouse air emitting country in 2008. In the 1980s, China consumed about 5% of the world’s energy every year. In the 2000s, it consumes over 30% of the world’s energy every year. The earth cannot sustain an increase of 25% of the energy consumption.

    The other way that regime harms the world is the security. It has been supporting the dictators, the militants around the world, giving them the guns, the ammunition and the more advanced military technology. In China, that regime has some 3.3 million troops, which is more than the troops of Russia and America combined. What does it want to do? Evidently, just defending a country does not need that many troops at all. In sum, the Chinese Communist Regime, consisting of less than 1 million bureau leaders in China, has been robbing Chinese people and harming people in the world to satisfy their unlimited material greed. Thus, it is necessary not only for Chinese people but also for people in world to remove that regime.

    The End

   刘蔚: 论结束中共统治的必要性 (中英文) —唤醒国人之220










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