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Wei Liu: Awakening Chinese People 180—Two Opposite Sides of People in Present China of 2008

   May 2008

    Looking at the miles of tall buildings in the big cities in China and many kinds of merchandise made in China in the market of America, many Americans think common Chinese people must have benefit from them, which is not the situation at all.

    Since 1949, China has been ruled by the Communist regime whose essence is to rob people by grabbing all the resources like the land and minerals given by God for people to live from people and also grabbing many trades like housing, food, education and medical care. Consequently, the Communist regime controls the economy by force including people’s pay and people expenses. For example, over 50% of the housing price is the land fee imposed by the Communist bureau leaders and goes to them. It means that if one buys an apartment by 480,000 yuan which is the average price for an apartment or house in China in 2008, he will pay over 240,000 yuan to the Communist bureau leader for nothing. Now in 2008, China has 1.3 billion people, and 1 U. S. dollar equals about 7 Chinese yuan.

    It is true that in the recent 25 years, China has accumulated a lot of wealth, but the Communist bureau leaders holding less than 0.1% of the total population of China will not let common people have it, but put it into their own hands. As I learn, in 2008 the average income of the 1 billion Chinese adults is about 400 yuan a month, about $60 a month, unable to solve the basic life needs like housing, food or medical care at all. There are lots of stuff made in China at Wal-Mart, but do not expect those workers who made them in China to have a fair living condition. Most of them work over ten hours a day in poor working conditions, possibly just take one day off a week, and earn about $130 a month.

    The peasants in the countryside lead a more wretched life. Just in 2008, in some areas, to butch a home raised pig, a peasant has to pay 15 kinds of taxes and fees including sanitizing fee, quarantine fee, butcher fee, city construction and education fee to the regime. The average income of the 800 million peasants in China in 2008 is about $40 a month. Meanwhile, there are over 100 million adults in China that do not have any income, including some high school students, the college students, the unemployed and many old people. Over 95% of Chinese people cannot have their own living space, but have to live under the roof of his parents or his grandparents for a lifetime.

    Contrast to this, the Communist regime and the robbers—the bureau leaders are extremely rich. For the fiscal year of 2007, the Chinese Communist regime got the revenue of some $1.3 trillion, and it provide no welfare to common people, no warfare for housing, food, education or medical care. In 2006, the wealth held by 3000 descendants of the high Communist officials was 2 trillion yuan, with each of them having 670 million yuan on average. Also in 2006, the official food and transportation expenditure was 2 trillion yuan, which means in 2006 every Chinese got taken 1500 yuan away for those Communist officials to have their luxurious life.

    Evidently, there are two sides of people in China opposing each other. One is the robber—the Communist bureau leaders holding less than 0.1% of the total population, grabbing all the resources and many trades by force, being the billionaire; the other is the robbed—the 1.3 billion common Chinese people holding over 99% of the total population, with all the resources being grabbed away from them, leading a miserable life. We don’t know how long such evil situation will last and we wish it to end soon.

    The end of the essay

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