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貌强:Burma Rape Report Exposes Brutal Army

   By Burma’s Chinese Minority

   On March 27, 2007, the Burma’s Army Day, 15,000 Junta’s Fascist soldiers were parading in the new “Royal” Capital Naypyidaw and making a big show of the Fascist junta’s strength.

Gen. Than Shwe let the western depromatic delegations and media know and be frightened:

Three Burmese Emperers:

   1.King Anawrahtar of Pagan Dynasty,1044-1077,

   2.King Bayin Naung of Taungoo Dynasty,1551-1581),

   3.King Alaunghpaya of Kongbaung Dynasty,1752-1760。

   Sen. Gen. Than Shwe reminded by this way the western countries not to forget Burma’s ancestors have conquered and ruined Thailand, India’s Manipur and Assam, China’s Nanchao And thus GREAT and GLORIOUS.

   However, just on the same day, the Women’s League of Chinland published a new report documenting the sexual violence committed against Chin women throughout Chin State by the Burma’s army, with title :

“Unsafe State: State-Sanctioned Sexual Violence against Chin Women in Burma”

   The report listed out: the lawless and fearless Burma’s army committed 38 cases of gang-rape.

   The report certified: the junta knows all cases in details but no comment and no action.

   The report concluded: The junta sanctions its army to use gang-rape as a weapen of war.

   It is well-known that Burma’s army defies laws human and divine,ignors culture and tradition. All the laws are merely to oppress the powerless people, not apply to the rulers, the Burma’s junta and its army.

   “These horrors are being sanctioned by the state in Burma ,” said Cheery Zahau, a spokesperson for the Women’s League of Chinland, in a released statement. “How can the civilized world accept this junta among their ranks? And how can countries like India and China be arming these rapists?”

   Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship, commented in a recent column that the Chin and other Burmese Christians have become the “preferred targets of one of the world’s most brutal regimes.”

   “The Chin people are among the most forgotten people in the world, and their suffering is horrendous,” said Stuart Windsor, national director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, in a statement. “The use of rape, accompanied by religious persecution and forced labor, should not be tolerated. It is time for the international community to act.”


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