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We Burma's Chinese minority received A PROTEST AGAINST SPDC BARBARISM from the Central Committee of the Kachin National Organisation and the Kachin National Council.

Burning with the righteous indignation against the barbaric Burma's junta, we Burma’s Chinese minority feel that it is our bounden duty to publish both in English and Chinese in the Chinese media world-wide for our ethnic Kachin brothers and sisters .

The Kachin people's protest letter against the barbaric Burma's junta is as follows:



A Gang-Rape Case in Putao,Kachin State

   On February 2nd, 2007, shocking news broke out from the highland plains of Duk Dang Village, Putao. This day of infamy will go down in history as evidence of the State Peace and Development Council's savagery, brutality, and oppression. Over a month has passed but we, the Kachin people around the world, have not forgotten the despicable act committed by Maj. Zaw Min Thet, Capt. Win Myint Oo, Capt. Kyaw Ze Ya, and four other service members of Infantry Battalion 138.

   More than 10 years ago our Kachin people decided to try and resolve over 30 years of war with the central government by peaceful means. With solicitation from our Burmese counterparts we thought we could bury our differences and begin the mission of rebuilding our homeland. We have now reached 13 years since the ceasefire agreement and the results are extremely discouraging. Kachinland has been reduced to an international hotspot for the raging HIV epidemic, illicit drug production and deforestation is rampant, malnutrition among children is on the rise, and human rights violations continue unabated as the structures of civil society are weakened and torn down. While the repressive SPDC is lavishing itself with new found wealth and bribery money, the people of Kachinland and the rest of Burma are living hand to mouth simply to survive from day to day. Many more states and ethnic homelands in the Union are facing the same issues today. Thousands of girls and women fall victim to systematic rape by the SPDC servicemen each year. The public has been kept from learning such information because of the State controlled media and propaganda machine.

   On February 2nd 2007, four Rawang school girls aged 14 to 16 were lured to a local Karaoke bar. Then, the minors were brutally raped at the military base by three officers and four soldiers. Initially, the victims were frightened to report their case to the police for fear of reprisal. The families later approached Lt. Col Soe Win to find resolution to the issue but it yielded no progress. In accordance with Kachin law, the local elders requested the offenders to pay damage in a feasible amount but only hush money was offered merely to silence the story. When the news reached the media, the four high school girls were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location. Nearly two months have passed and no one knows the condition of our Rawang sisters.

   ¨ We condemn the SPDC's continued acts of terror on its people;

   ¨ We demand the immediate release of the four girls;

   ¨ We call for justice, and the arrest and discharge of the offending officers and soldiers;

   ¨ We call upon all the Kachin people and sympathizers in BURMA to remain at home on April 2nd, 2007.

   We call on everyone in Burma who shares sympathy for these girls to stay home on April 2nd, 2007, to show your support and solidarity.

   We request those of you who are able to voice your opinion publicly to join us in demonstrations at Burmese consulates and embassies in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and in the United States on April 2nd, 2007, at 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Even more atrocities will find their way into our homes if we cannot stop the maniac on our doorstep. It is time for all people of conscience to take a stand!

   The Central Committee

   Kachin National Council

   Kachin National Organization

Media contact:

   Japan : Mrs. Seng Bu, Tel: 0081+ 3560 63963

   India : Mr. Di Lar, Mobile: 00 91+ 989 131 9268

   USA : Mr. Gum San, Mobile:001+812 2197 392

   Thailand : Mr. Hkun Sa, Mobile: 0066+ 843 664 238

   Denmark : Mr. Lahpai Ong, Mobile: 0045+ 414 565 99, Landline:0045+754 372 27Malaysia : Mr. Mung Hkawng Brang, Mobile: 00601+690 729 76

   United Kingdom: Mr. Uma Tu, Mobile: 0044+ 798 562 1298


SHORT NOTE by Burma’s Chinese minority:

   Kachin State is Burma’s northernmost state , situated between north latitude 23° 27'- 28° 25'and longitude 96°- 98° 44' , bordered by China to the north and east, Shan State to the south, Sagaing Division and India to the west. The area is 34,379 sq. miles, with Myitkyina as state’s capital. The other important towns include Bhamo and Putao .

   Its mountain Hkakabo Razi, the southern tip of the Himalayas, with 5889 meters in height, is both Burma’s and the SEAN’s highest mountain. Being the last stronghold for biodiversity and extraordinarily rich flora and fauna, ranging from lowland tropical to alpine species,the Hkakabo Razi was established as a natural reserve on January 30,1996 and as a National Park on November 10, 1998. Its Indawgyi Lake,is ranged as Burma’s largest one. Gold and the best-quality jade are its world-famous mineral products.

   The Kachin people are the major ethnic group living in Kachin state and also have a large population known as the Jingpo or Jinghpaw people in Yunnan province of China.

   Ethnology: Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burmese language-group.

   More than 3000 years ago Kachin people moved from China’s Qinghai and Tibet along the Maylikha riverbanks to present Chinland where they had found fertile lands and the best-quality teak-timbers.

   Kachin people accepted “Full autonomy in internal administration for the Frontier Areas” and thus signed the Panglong Agreement on 12 Feb.1947. Soon afterward ,Kachin people took up arms against the Chauvinist central government because they do not follow the Panglong Agreement .

   Kachin troops formerly formed a world-famous mountain-soldiers in the British colonial army, the USA’s 2nd World-War Anti-Japanese amry and a significant part of the Burmese army. Before/After Ne Win regime abolished Union Constitution in Mar 2,1962, Kachin forces withdrew and formed KIA ( Kachin Independence Army) under KIO(the Kachin Independence Organization). Since then they have been fighting for the genuine national right and the genuine Federalism.

   In 1994 the junta seized the KIO’s jade mines and forced KIO to sign a peace treaty , resulting in numerous splinter factions from the KIO and KIA.

   Thus Kachin people live and suffer NOW again under the junta’s Chavinist and dictatorial rule.

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