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Dr Wang Wenyi will be remembered by history as a great courage hero

   Dr Wang Wenyi will be remembered by history as a great courage hero
   by Thomas G.Guo
   Wen Yi Wang, 47, is a naturalized U.S. citizen who works as a journalist for the Epoch Times and had a one-day press pass that gave her access to a photographers' platform at the ceremony. A probable-cause statement filed in U.S. District Court said Wang "began to yell at Mr. Hu in a loud voice for in excess of two minutes" as he was speaking.

   Channing Phillips, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, said she would likely be charged with attempting to intimidate, coerce, threaten or harass a foreign official in the performance of his duties, punishable by as much as six months in prison. then Dr. Wang was charged with harassing a foreign official, a federal misdemeanor punishable upon conviction by six months in prison and a fine of 5,000.
   The federal law is designed to protect foreign dignitaries and official guests, and prohibits attempts to "intimidate, threaten, coerce or harass a foreign official or an official guest or obstruct a foreign official in the performance of his duties."
   Dr. Wang yelled while in the ceremony when Mr. Hu Jingtao was speaking, she yelled in both English and Chinese . She yelled to Mr. Bush, "Stop him from persecuting Falun Gong!", "President Bush, stop him from killing, President Bush, stop him from persecuting Falun Gong.""Stop oppressing the Falun Gong," "Your time are numbers," and "Anything you have done will come back to you in this lifetime," ;,she waved a yellow banner and shouted in Chinese: " Falun Dafa is good,"
   From what Dr.Wang yelled, we could not find any so call “intimidate, coerce, threaten or harass”; in fact, in Falun Gong’s words, “your time is numbers”, only means that if Hu Jingtao don’t stop persecuting oppressing and killing Falun Gong practitioners, he will face great disaster himself.
   Around the world, many people both Western and Chinese show their respect and salute to Dr. Wang for her great courage and brave which really show the true will of people. Following is some of the praise Wang’s courage:
   1. Thanks to Wenyi Wang. You will go down history as a hero, one day.
   2. Bravo Dr Wang!! You gave Hu a rare opportunity to hear the sound of freedom.
   3. Ms.Wang will be remembered by history as a hero.
   4. I applaud her courage, particularly in the face of my own government's cowardice. especially when so many Chinese in America turn a blind eye, just wanting to enjoy the comforts of life here, free of CCP rule. Wang is a true patriot
   5. People's life is more important than any fancy ceremony; this woman deserves the praise of the entire world for her courage.
   6. This is a great deed... human rights needs a voice in this world.... freedom is the foundation of our nation I salute Wang!
   7. I salute to this brave woman. This stays in future human history. She didn’t do this for her own self interest. She did it for millions of Chinese people who have been persecuted, put in prisons, tortured and killed for righteous beliefs but who have no voice.
   8. We have more hope in the action of this kind of brave woman, than we have in our leaders.
   The US President, media, and politicians have turned deaf ears to this message for far too long. This woman's action is a wake-up call for the whole world. These two leaders are shaking hands and making business deals while ignoring the number one human right abuse in all of China and these actions bring shame and regret to all of us.
   This woman will be remembered as a hero who spoke up to the CCP, a terrorist regime.
   10. This woman appealed to the world to stop the persecution of innocent people. Awesome act of bravery, like in 1989, The Tank Man.
   11. It must have taken tremendous courage to do what she did, and I commend her.
   12. I think Dr. Wenyi Wang is courageous for speaking out against the genocide of Falun Gong in China.
   13. Bravo! This woman speaks not only for thousands of innocent live Falun Gong practitioners hacked up, for their organs, but for the surppression and murder of her people for decades.
   14. She will be known for her bravery like the Tank Man in 1989.
   15. Ms Wang. The history will remember you.
   16. She spoke up for a people on this earth and we should take our hats off to her! you may see this woman as a great and courageous person!
   17. Bravo!!! She is in the soil of the free country, so let her speak...
   18. The US government knows that what she was telling is true!
   Wang Wenyi, who courageously got her human rights message across today in D.C. to President Bush and Hu Jintao.
   20. This lady is amazing and will be remembered as a hero.
   21. History will mark the courage of the woman today who risked being jailed to speak a few simple words.
   22. I admire her courage.
   23. My salute to this lady for her effort to call the free world's attention about the human rights abuse by the Chinese Communist Regime.
   24. She is a hero for all the suppressed Chinese,
   25. She is also an American hero to show the values of this country - freedom of speech, assembly and belief.
   26. This woman's act is heroic in the sense she speaks the truth.
   Bush just apologized? Why didn't he take this opportunity to tell Hu something about freedom beside just an apologize
   If people have a bit more freedom of press and belief there, they don't have to come here to yell at you.
   I lived under Communist VN for many years. They deserved to be burned, not losing face!!
   If nothing is done to end this persecution soon, in the future, we will feel much shame and regret.
   The real shame is that America is giving the royal treatment to a dictator. Hu Jintao is the leader of a ruthless regime that brutally represses the Chinese people, and he doesn't deserve the red carpet treatment he's getting.
   It's funny that many with Chinese names claims that Falun Gong followers kill people or Falun Gong are criminals.I have been wondering why outside China I have not heard anyone killed by Falun Gong or any Falun Gong follower arrested for committing crimes.
   we can turn blind eye to the chinese communist harvest organs from people alive!
   I don't think US goverment do not know what is going on in China. There are some reason behind that US goverment keep silence on this.
   It is a issue to see whether you are a human being or not !!!
   The Us government and many western media keep silence on human right of Falun Gong practitioner because chinese communist regime please them with great interest. This is a trade based on the suffering of chinese people. It is quite reasonable that someone use some special way to express their concern because their voice never heard under the compromise of western societies for chinese communist party's money.
   The Us government and many western media keep silence on human right of Falun Gong practitioner because chinese communist regime please them with great interest.
   If the lady had got any other means to pass her words to Hu, she would not have to shout like this and bring herself into troubles.
   If the world pay attention about the human rights violation in China but not keep silence because for the business reason, I am sure the lady didn't need to act in this way.
   Falun Gong is the hope for China and most of it's people who have become corrupted by the CCP with no moral conscience left.

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