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Why the CCP Harvests the Living Falun Gong Practitioner’s Organ?
   By Thomas G.Guo
   I. Background:

   Several students asked me why the CCP harvests the living FLG practitioner’s organ? Is it really true? Is it just for money? It is unbelievable! A journalist and a doctor’s wife, on March 8 of this year, revealed a shocking news report, which exposed the harvesting of the organs from live Falun Gong practitioners in a Sujiatun concentration camp. All main media in the world kept silence for months; however, on July 6, 2006, the Report of the investigation carried by two prominent Canadians, former M.P. David Kilgour and Human Right Lawyer David Matas, in which they confirmed the Living Organ Harvesting is true. The world main media all reported the news right away. Nevertheless, still there are many people who hardly believe such a horrible, evil crime against a human being and don’t understand why? Before we answer these enquires, we have to learn some basic fact, what has happened to FLG practitioners?
   II. What has happened?
   1. On March 8, 2006 a journalist, Mr. Peter, revealed the shocking news that there are 6,000 FLG (Falun Gong) practitioners whose organs have been harvested for sale for transplant with high price, and then their bodies were incinerated. The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) confirmed that hospitals and transplant centers in China use organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for transplants. On March 28, 2006, the Chinese government openly denied the accusation. The speaker declared that” Most organs in the organ transplant operations in China have been from voluntary donation of Chinese citizens when they were passing away and very few from death penalty criminals” However, the vice-minister of Health Minister of China, Mr.Huang Jiefu, admitted that the majority of the donors are from executed prisoners and there are only 5 % come from voluntary donors.
   2. March 17,2006, the surgeon’s wife, Ms. Anny, proved that her former-husband removed about 2,000 FLG practitioner’s corneas during the early part of 2001 to the end of 2003. In April 2006, The Weekly Standard interviewed Ms. Anny who proved that the doctors removed FLG’s kidneys, livers, hearts, skin tissues, and corneas.
   3. April 2006, a military doctor confirmed that there is 36 similar concentration camps in China all involving the harvesting live organ business. .
   4. July 6, 2006, two prominent Canada human right activists investigation report confirmed that the harvesting is true, and about 41,000 organ transplant could not be explained at all. They said,"This is a form of evil we have yet to see on this planet," (at the same day the Chinese embassy in Canada denied the charge again. )
   III. Lots of evidence shows that the harvesting of organs from living FLG practitioners is true!
    The reports of David Kilgour and David Matas collected 18 kinds of evidence to prove the facts of harvesting human organs:
   1. FLG’s corpses with missing organs (pictures): The picture could explain better more than thousand words. Mr.Wand Bin, a FLG’s practitioner from Hei Longjiang province was tortured to death then his heart and brain all disappear. Mr.Ren Pengwu, a FLG’s Practitioner from Ha Erbing, was tortured to death and his body organs all harvested then his body was forcibly burned up. Ms.Hao Runjun, a FLG practitioner from Guangzhou, was tortured by police to death then her body was opened without consent of the relative. Mr.Sun Duanjiang, a FLG practitioner from Ningde Fujian Province, also tortured to death by police and his body was opened without the consent of his wife.
   2. The surgeon’s wife’s confessed that her former husband had removed 2,000 FLG practitioners’ corneas in two years.
   3. China hospitals admissions: In a telephone investigation the doctors admitted their donors are FLG practitioners. For example, on April 28, 2006, the doctor of the Airforce Hospital in Chengdu confirmed that they could offer young healthy FLG practitioner donors.
   3. The time waiting for transplant is only one or two weeks with a maximum of one month. This shows there are huge banks of living organs are waiting recipients. There must be a computer data bank of donors. In North American the transplant wait for a donor is three years. On April 28, 2006, the People’s Hospital of Hu Nang offered to transplant 20 livers or a kidney for free! Just because of there are too many livers and kidneys waiting for harvesting.
   4. Victims interviewed proved that all FLG practitioners have their blood tested while in camps. Practitioners in detention are systematically blood tested. It is a pre-requisite for organ transplant. Donors need to be matched with recipients so that the antibodies of the recipients don’t reject the organs of the donors.
   5. Human rights violations generally in China: In the end of 2005, the Chinese government first admitted to using the organs of executed prisoners. However, this happened for more than 20 years. In 1984, the Chinese government enacted a temporary regulation of the use of the body and organs of detained prisoners. In June 2001, Mr.Wang Guoqi, a military doctor of China in a hearing held by the House of Commons of the United States, confirmed that he had taken more than 100 executed prisoner’s organs, all without the consent of the donors.
   6 .The numbers of transplants soared since 1999 when the CCP banned FLG. The average number of executed prisoners between 1995 and 1999 was 1,680 per year, and from 2000 -2005 the number was 1,666 per year. There were about 30,000 transplants in total done in China before 1999 and about 18,500 in the six-year period of 1994 -1999. There were about 90,000 in total up until 2005, leaving about 60,000 in the six-year period of 1999- 2005 since persecution of FLG. Therefore, there are 41,000 transplants that do not explain where the donors came from. As we already mentioned that China Government even denies taking the executed prisoner’s organs until December 3, 2005. But on March 28, 2006, China denied the accusation of harvesting and said that most of the organs were donated voluntarily and only very few from death penalty criminals!
   7. Financial considerations: Following information from the “China International Supporting Centers of Transplant Internet” which disappeared after the reveal of the harvesting from live FLG practitioners news on March, 2006: kidney $ 62000; liver $98,000-$130,000; liver and kidney $160,000-$180,000; lung $150,000-$170,000; heart $130,000-$160,000; corneas $30,000.
   8. Corruption and lower moral standard: Long term smear of FLG made the people think that FLG was an evil cult; the CCP treat FLG as the biggest enemy already, therefore, the police deal with FLG in an oral delivery “ to smear in name, bankrupt in economic, and destroy in body”, the CCP always treat the so called enemy without mercy at all in it history.
   9. Legislation: “FLG if be tortured to death treated as suicide, not necessary to make sure who they are and burn up directly”. The former president Jiang Zeming ordered.
   10. Credibility: China CCP always tell lies and deceit. They cover up SARS; hide the bird flu; and only admitted in the end of 2005 that China used the executed prisoner’s organs for transplant. The CCP totally controlled the media and cheated people.
   If we solely look at the above evidence it really is not enough to prove the fact of harvesting the live FLG practitioner’s organs. However, combine them together; a vivid horrible picture is quite clear. The CCP is purposefully and intently harvesting the live FLG practitioner’s organs!
   IV the reason the CCP harvests the live FLG practitioner’s organs
    In my opinion, The CCP is the most evil party, which never respects the human being. It is a criminal regime. This is the main reason. In detail, the reason why the CCP are so cruel to harvest the live FLG practitioner’s organ includes the following:
   1. From the point of history view that the CCP always rely on force and violence to destroy their enemy. During the land reform in early 1950’s they killed a million landlords just because they are nice and not because they did any criminal action. In 1959 to 1961, the so called “hunger years,” they made at least 30 million peasants die indirectly, for the CCP use civil-military men to forbid any one to escape and beg in the cities, which made the death numbers increase due to inhumanity. During the Cultural Revolution they killed and ate 7 million victims. In the Tiananmen Massacre they used tanks to kill thousands of the students and citizens who just asked for democracy and freedom peacefully. Since 1999, the CCP have detained millions of FLG practitioners and tortured to death a confirmed 2,926 up to date while harvesting their organs.


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