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Burmese Junta Achieves 2 Things at One Stroke

   By Maung Chan ( Burma's Chinese )

   According to the information coming from our Kachin State, ten battalions from No.3 military operation and command and two battalions from No. 904 gun station, total 12 battalions of Burmese army will start their military manoeuvre in Samar-Waimaw region from December 14 to 22.

   By this 9 days’ military mamoeuvre, the Burmese army will use 120mm,105mm and 76 mm artilleries and guns.

   Samar is a town situated near the Chinese border,where there exists not only a British fort built by British amry during its colonial time, but also a new water generated electricity station under construction of the KIA’s cease-fire group.

   Although the military manoeuvre is propagated to be controlled by the KIA’s cease-fire group, the commanders of KIA showed dissatisfied with the Burmese generals and their military guidelines . The leader of KIO General Nban La held an emergency meeting under commanders last weekend-night and declared that all commanders had delivered their opinions and requested to write a letter to the Burmese generals.

   According to some military experts’ analysis, the very military manoeuvre of Burmese army has answered a double hidden purpose:

   1. KIO (Kachin Independence Organisation) and its KIA (Kachin Independence Army) MUST obey the Burmese generals’ instruction. We,Burmese generals, are the boss.

   2. Sending a clear massage to India ,“ we Burmese generals dare to perform military manoeuvre near Chinese border. so your economic and military aids to us are the more the better”.

   ( Burma.UNPO)

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