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貌强:The situation of Burma’s Ethnic Nationalities in 2006

   By Maung Chan (Burma’s Chinese)

   In 1994, the UN resolution called Burma for Tripartite Dialogue—solved peacefully Burma’s problems among the junta, the democratic force and the ethnic nationalities in order to build a democratic, peaceful new Burma in genium federalism.

   Thus the Ethnic Nationalities Council ENC was formed in August 2001, working hard according to the good decires of all nationalities of Burma and the international community.

   Therefore the Ethnic Nationalities Council ENC has won the full support of domestic force of peace and democracy as well as the international community.

   All people believe that if Burma’s 3 forces, the junta, the democratic force and the force of ethnic nationalities come to cooperate and coordinate, then there will be peace no doubt in Burma.

    Apart from the Kachin State, all 7 non-Burman states have now already completed their state constitution drafts, which will integrate to form the genium Federal Constitution of the new Burma. On April 8 this year, 3 months ago, all these were approved by more than 60 organizations.

   However, the progress is too weak and slow, till today the ENC has not yet transformed to the State-Based Ethnic Nationalities Council.

   According to the initial plan,

   --Call for Mae Tha Raw Hta Tripartite Dialogue in 1997

   --Form Ethnic Nationalities Solidarity and Cooperation Committee in 2001

   --Build organization-based Ethnic Nationalities Council in 2004

   --Establish state-based Ethnic Nationalities Council in 2005

   Now it is already July 2006, but the state-based ENC is still in far away!

   If we check back, we’ll find that both the ENC and the Democratic Force of Burma have accepted five of the six basic conditions proposed by the ruling junta absolutely, which,in fact,both the ENC and the Democratic Force want too:

   1. The non-disintegration of the Union

   2. The non-disintegration of national unity

   3. Perpetuation of national sovereignty

   4. Development of multi-party democracy

   5. Promotion of social truths such as justice, freedom and equality

   As for no.6, the junta’s last condition: the demand for a political role of its Armed Forces during the transition to full democracy, indeed have been accepted silently and carefully TOO!

   Why Carefully? because all people of Burma have been cheated, tortured and killed constantly by the fascist junta more than a half century.

   You can see clearly now that both the forces of democracy and the ethnic nationalities have

   --fulfilled the junta’s demand,

   --respected the standpoints of Burma’s neighbours ,China, India and ASEAN

   --considered fully in accordance with the EU’s policy.

   What has the junta done shamelessly NOW?

   --extending Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest for another one year!

   --forcing the NLD’s leaders everywhere to resign from their organisation, to retire or to cease their activities.The junta even plots to ban the NLD!

   --launching several new military attacks on the Karen, the Shan and the Mon and kill, burn, rape and plunder these ethnic nationalities!

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